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(Editor:James 11/20/2014)
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Your job, on every single godforsaken stage, is to catapult a gang of kamikaze birds at the rickety wooden structures on the right of the screen to either kill the monkeys or rescue the birds (by slamming into their cages).

It’s all about harnessing the game’s realistic physics system to make wood splinter, glass smash, structures topple, and poorly designed tenements fall like houses of cards. Your best bet on each stage is to exploit weak spots and heavy load areas to make the levels fall in on themselves.

Remember: some materials are sturdier than others. It's no use fruitlessly bashing away at a stone wall (especially because it takes about three direct hits to finally smash one) when you could focus on the easily destructible wooden platform that's holding it up.

But while simply killing all the monkeys or saving all the birds will unlock the next level, if you want to get the maximum three stars on each stage you'll need to aim for some high scores.

Getting a high score in Angry Birds Rio requires you to juggle deadly efficiency - unused birds net you an automatic 10,000 points each - and unrelenting damage - smashed objects give off small, but quickly accumulated points.

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