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(Editor:Catherine 8/26/2014)
9game: Today I will share a walkthrough of Angry Birds Rio 1.8.0 with you.

You can see the entire battlefield by  zooming in and out through the screen.then you can quickly determine the distance between the slingshot and launch target, observing any hidden items on the screen which helps improve attack ability . 
Each bird will be emitted in the air and throws a curve, and if it hits the target, you can continue to launch trajectory, or according to the curvature of the appropriate adjustments direction until hitting so far, so we do not need strenuous groping accurate emission direction. 
You do not need to always launch from left to right: if you aim high enough, it can let the birds fall from the sky. This method is very suitable for rugged exterior attack, but the roof undefended buildings. 
I am here to remind players that you must wait until the former bird has completely disappeared then you can launch a second round of attacks, otherwise if you hit the former bird , your the attack ability will be weakened. 
You should be good at using objects which enhance elasticity  , such as rubber ring and mushrooms - they can speed up the attack, or let you reach some inaccessible places. 
Remember to attack the TNT boxes, after the explosion of these boxes, you can do less for more.

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